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Look this post for 2009:


October 11, 2009

ARGENTINA HAS A totalitarian regime

The adoption of the new media law how degobierno transpires now totalitarianism.


To show you what I mean I explain what a totalitarian government:


"Known as the ideology of totalitarianism, movements and political regimes where freedom is severely restricted and the state has all the power without divisions or restrictions.

These schemes generally exalt the figure of a character who has unlimited power that reaches all areas and is manifested through the authority exercised hierarchically.

Totalitarianism considers the state as an end in itself, and therefore it maximizes (Aerolíneas Argentinas, Football, media law, retirement AFJP), and given that there is power to the end of things, if we consider the state a purpose These two components are correlative policy, resulting in a larger state gives us a greater power. Thus the power of the totalitarian state can do anything because the end is all encompassing. Mussolini (who first used the term "totalitarianism") plotted on the slogan that "everything in the state, especially for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state." And the state is not for man, but man for the state. "(Wikipedia)


Anyone who reads this definition realizes that this is the form of government that is Argentina. There are perceptions are realities.


From a long time ago already, unpredictability and his beloved daughter, lainseguridad legal, have become one of the greatest weaknesses of Argentina presents for investors, but also for the common citizen.


That it was by default and not by choice. Until less than 24 hours. Until yesterday when, finally, the Cabinet Chief Aníbal Fernández, consecrated the unpredictability as state policy in one sentence.

"I have all the freedom in the world to change my mind when I please", launched with his usual air of defiance and impunity.


The problem is that the most powerful man in government, behind the presidential couple, with remarkable savvy claimed their right to advertise one thing and retract without explanations on your tastes, inclinations or personal preferences.


In closing I leave a sentence of Ex-President Nestor Kirchner:


When President Néstor Kirchner signed Decree 527, in 2005, by which the Executive Branch graciously gave them no less than ten years of licenses to TV channels and radio stations, then said, in a ceremony held in the White Hall of the Government House that he did to make it more "predictability" sector and "encourage investment". He added: "There will not be any surprises. Aspire to invest knowing that there is a predictable country."



long as I have been explaining, it looks the same, the Kichnerismo in Argentina, Chavizmo in Venezuela, Evo Morales in Bolivia, have proven to be more related to a meeting under a puppet government doctrinal Parravicini As described in another of his psychographics.


Today, almost ending October 2012 continue to believe in the 7 D and purpose of the rule of law in Argentina, as is already the case in Venezuela.


Therefore, I still insist on the accuracy of the prophecies of Parravicini.


And there more, maybe a little broadening spectrum of what we can see, if we infatuated to see fulfilled the prophecies as they go.





The two dictatorships, and indeed the doctrinal puppet, is regarded as communism or fascism, or the union of both doctrines in political procederes a state, to make equal, all that weight falls on someone who is not aware of this, and the end is death.


I often wonder, what happens to the Argentines? as governor De La Rua, for a lot less than what we now see, the people had the strength to run it on a long night ... and now?


That is, this kind of hypnosis that makes us stand still and impassive face of such abuses of individual and collective freedoms?


We expect? effectively reach see blood running in the streets and says the psychographics of the French Revolution?


We reference # 8 No expression of what we want for the country. It's not just a message for the government but for the opposition also.


For those who are dedicated exclusively to politics is the manifestation of 8 N.


And as a message to the government would say no demonizing whom seek to 8 N, is the people who will speak. I hope to hear know, but personally I find it very difficult so be it.