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Demonization - a smokescreen for other purposes - the # 7 D

Much these days because I have wondered, the reality of the country is absorbing the thoughts of thousands of Argentines every day. Concluded that indeed this reality warrants that, as we have no peace of mind, as a country, as a people.
The division generated by the government does, that to even a humble space like this, devoted to Bible prophecies and, give way to express the deep sorrow he feels my heart with what happens in Argentina.
No wonder, I see, people really hypnotized, or perhaps idiotic, do not know, with the theme being "related" to a puppet ruler who did not work doctrinal never and never will, precisely because of the range of "beliefs" that joined to conform.
And so to the unmanifest atheism but if reigning Argentinian common today, we struggle between two entities, as always with the usual bipolarity.
The alleged entity of good "The Nestornauta" and its counterpart "Grupo Clarin".
The demonization and vilification are the ideological and rhetorical technique of disinformation or alteration of facts and descriptions, (next to the sacralization reverse, or victimhood), that of presenting political entities, ethnic, cultural or religious, etc., as fundamentally bad and harmful, as a way to justify a political deal, military or social differential, or too inaccurate to attribute to what is against what is believed or supported.
Feelings generally are used to manipulate more who are convinced that with these reasons, using levers rhetoric interest in pathos and ethos called, rather than the more minority logos. In the demonization, the influence of an individual or public sector with a high degree of visibility and ethos, as the government or mass media-is put into play to stimulate a reaction that eliminates smear moral or legal constraints to be detrimental demonized group. The demonization of the other transforms demonizing someone as indisputable as God.
Since the publication of the Malleus Maleficarum until today still appear inquisitorial discourse instruments with the same identical structure to that book: it is an emergency, such as an extraordinary threat that endangers the foundations of our culture and humanity , extraordinary measures must be taken to combat it. The fear of the alleged emergency is used by the punitive power to remove any obstacle that comes your creating the foundations of a state of paranoia and hysteria that permits the exercise power without brakes or limits eliminating any opposition. Anyone who opposes the punitive power will be charged as an accomplice of evil. If anyone doubts that the accused is a witch because she is also possessed by Satan.
In the most extreme cases is presented to members of the segregated group as subhuman or inhuman, such as Jews and Gypsies in Nazi Germany, but more common is the simple presumption of guilt, which leads in practice to the constraint civil rights group even without an administrative endorsement. The situation of the natives of the Middle East in the United States after the attacks of September 11, 2001, when controls were subject to ethnic profiling by police, is a typical example of the latter case. Other circumstances of this kind have been various wars against the Indians in the Americas, anticommunist rhetoric of the 50s and 60s, or the persistent segregation of North African countries of the Mediterranean basin.
The procedure is very old and have used it frequently little impartial historians associated with power, with the ideology they have. See for example what type royal chronicler Mexia But on lifting commoner against Charles V:
Two and a half years there, and still not complete, that the Emperor had come to these kingdoms and govern over his person and presence, and was in great tranquility, peace and justice, when the devil, sower of tares, began to alter thoughts and wills of some towns and people, so that they rose after storms, riots and insurrections ...
Mexia, which soon crushes "as I say, all this was the work of the devil 'snatches, demonizing the community, causes, more logical than hell, they had to win. Lends itself to the theme of patriotism demonization in mouth "salvapatrias" because the rhetorical pathos that pervades certain issues, and that comes from what Léon Poliakov studied as a collective expression of a need grandificar paranoid or magnify the father to deify son.
The demonization in these cases, is one of the ways they express and propagate racist beliefs of a society, the circumstances caused by the globalization of the late twentieth century, with relatively high rates of international migration linked to a situation of relative stagnation economic and educational degradation and misery, have influenced intensified forms of demonization. Critics have pointed out that, after nominally ethical or cultural arguments that make the argument stereotypical demonization, probably hiding economic interests, such as colonial exploitation. Neo-rhetoric concludes that this is a more to influence the part of the audience, always wider than the other, which convinces more with feelings than with reasons.
The Malleus Maleficarum (Latin: Hammer of Witches)-For the present case - is the media law of kichnerismo - is probably the most important book ever published in the context of the persecution of witches and witch hysteria Renaissance. Is a comprehensive book on the witch hunt, that after being first published in Germany in 1486, had dozens of new editions, spread throughout Europe and had a profound impact on the witch trials in the continent for nearly 200 years . This work is notable for its use in the period of hysteria by the witch hunt, which reached its peak from the mid-sixteenth to mid-seventeenth century.
Were referred constantly to the authority of the principal authors Malleus Maleficarum and large demonologists as Rategno Inquisitor Bernardo da Como, the Spanish Jesuit Martin River and the French jurist Jean Bodin.
In 1478 appeared the Bull Exigit sinserae devotionis affectus of Pope Sixtus IV instituting the Holy Office or Tribunal of the Holy Inquisition in Spain.
The Malleus Maleficarum is the most famous of all books on witchcraft, probably written in 1486, becoming the essential handbook and the final authority for the Inquisition, for judges, for both Catholic and Protestant priests, along the three centuries after its publication, in the fight against witchcraft in Europe.
It is the first source to consult for any understanding of the history and nature of witchcraft satanism.
The Malleus Maleficarum made accessible to a wide audience the concept of witchcraft demonology, contributing to the witch hunt to ascribe authority and credibility to witchcraft prosecutions that already existed.
In the late Middle Ages were occurring very abrupt changes in lifestyle in Europe was a time when they were discovering new lands - which made European man is confronted with cultures hitherto completely unknown to the thought of Christianity was beginning to awaken popular consciousness among the peasants of Germany, who held religious knowledge rudimentary knowledge mixed with superstitious ancestral appeared printing, which opened the possibility of a wide dissemination of existing ideas, especially new ways of interpret the word of God, pseudoscientific studies were difficult to read the stars, and both firmly believed in astrology esoteric like magic. There were many books on talismanic magic and secrets of alchemy.
The Malleus Maleficarum or Hammer of Witches was compiled and written by two monks Dominican inquisitors, Heinrich Kramer, also known as Heinrich Institoris, and Jacob Sprenger.
In a papal decree of December 5, 1484, the Bull Summis desiderantes affectibus recognized the existence of witches, thus abrogating the Canon Episcopi 906, where the Church held that belief in witches was heresy. It Sprenger and Kramer mentions by name (Sprenger and Henrici Institoris Iacobus) and urges them to combat witchcraft in northern Germany.
The Malleus Maleficarum was preceded by genuine papal bull that began with the words Summis desiderantes affectibus with which it is known.
The bull was genuine but some historians still debate whether Kramer misrepresented the recommendation of the University of Cologne.
Both Heinrich Kramer and Jacobus Sprenger were appointed inquisitors with special powers by the Papal Bull of Innocent VIII to investigate the crimes of witchcraft in the provinces of northern Germany. The Malleus Maleficarum is the end result and authorized such research and studies.
 Kramer and Sprenger presented the Malleus Maleficarum to the Faculty of Theology of the University of Cologne on May 9, 1487. Inquisitor Sprenger was a German who founded the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary in devotion to the Virgin Mary in 1475. The influence of the Malleus Maleficarum was increased by the press.
 The date of 1487 is generally accepted as the date of publication, but earlier editions of the work could have been produced in 1485 or 1486. Between 1487 and 1520, the work was published 13 times. After about 50 years, was again published between 1574 and Lyon, 1669 edition, a total of 16 times. The text became so popular that it sold more copies than any other, besides the Bible, until Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan was published in 1678.
 The effects of the Malleus Maleficarum spread far beyond Germany's borders, causing great impact in France and Italy, and to a lesser extent in England. Estimates of the number of women burned as witches varies from 60,000 to two to five million according to different authors.
The witch hunt was an organized campaign, whose main source of inspiration was, for three hundred years, both for Catholics and Protestants Malleus Maleficarum.
During the fifteenth century the Inquisition was devoted to burn more witches and heretics when feudal states were organized as independent monarchies of the Pope, the punitive power of the Inquisition moved to lay judges of these monarchies, who continued the work of the Church of burning witches until the eighteenth century, with the paperback to Malleus Maleficarum.
With the Malleus Maleficarum is the first time in history that are integrated into a criminology same letter, ie the origin of evil, criminal law, ie manifestations of evil, and the forensics, ie, the necessary data to discover evil in practice.
It is the first time in history that appears in a systematic way a theory about the origin of the crime, ie a crimen.10 etiology
This discursive structure that legitimizes violence of punitive power remains largely unchanged to the present, the only thing that keeps on changing with each new generation is its internal contents.
Since the publication of the Malleus Maleficarum until today still appear inquisitorial discourse instruments with identical structure: it is an emergency, such as an extraordinary threat that endangers the foundations of our culture and humanity, steps should be taken overtime to combat it.
The alleged emergency is a way of legitimizing the wildness of punitive power that eliminating the supposed danger, and all his accomplices, achieved social power vertilizar increasingly, creating the foundations of a state of collective paranoia that allows the power to exercise it without brakes limits or eliminating any opposition. If anyone doubts that the accused is a witch because she is also possessed by Satan.
The result of inquisitorial discourse imposed by the Malleus Maleficarum is that fear of the alleged emergency is used by the punitive power to remove any obstacle that comes your way. Anyone who opposes the punitive power will be charged as an accomplice of evil, enemy of the country or a useful idiot to foreign interests and be condemned without warranties or right to defense.
The discourse structure of the Malleus Maleficarum is:
This is the most serious crime of all hitherto known, and the frequency of witches is now so alarming that we are facing an emergency that can only be combated by a war.
Anyone who doubts the existence of this emergency will be considered a heretic, an accomplice, sorcerer.
The inquisitors are infallible and pure and the enemies are lower.
The sentence is sufficient proof of guilt.
Anything that is out of the usual suspect result.
Changing the content, according to the times, we can see that same speech appears in the Germany of Nazism in Argentina's National Reorganization Process in Russia from Stalinism, Maoism in China, in the war against terrorism U.S., in the slaughter of the war in Croatia, in the Cambodian genocide, the genocide in Bosnia, in Porraimos in the Rwandan Genocide, genocide in the Congo and in almost all historical massacres in police states where the right legal and constitutional guarantees are lost.
The end result is that reducing the legal power or legal right to direct coercion or administrative law because police against evil, against the enemy, anything goes and if committed excesses are forgivable towards this goal that is beyond anything save humanity.
Media law in Argentina is the "Malleus Maleficarum" of Kichnerismo with # 7D as the starting date of the witch hunt in the country which unfortunately as crab, going backwards.
What Kichnerismo unknown, or at least does not interpret it, is that they can burn the witch (Clarín Group) ... but the people have opened their eyes to this inquisition of the means to conceal the "Story" official.
And even disappear tomorrow all non-government media, and much of the Argetina not believe anything anymore. The seed has been planted Clarin Witch in the hearts of Argetinos, that although we see as burning at the stake, keep your message in our minds to find out later how to punish the vote (to name a peaceful solution to the situation ) but at this point I'm not so sure.