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Blog de Difusion de La Obra Profetica de Benjamin Solari Parravicini y Otros Profetas

Biography of the Prophet Benjamin Solari Parravicini

Baptized by Fabio Zerpa like Nostradamus Argentine born on August 8, 1898. From his childhood he said he spoke with angels, fairies and goblins.
His father was a psychiatrist and concerned about your child's invisible friends, I underwent intensive medical tests showed he had not any disease. By then the little Benjamin heralded a "war to break out in the 14" World War I, which would be his first prediction. Benjamin was the wayward brother of a very wealthy family: bohemian, womanizer, lover of the night and cups.
His life was dissipated and irresponsible until, at age 32, according to Justin tells his younger brother, one night he said violently the appearance of a strange force.
      Parravicini himself narrates in his writings how he received the mission:
One Sunday afternoon the "little voice" Leo told the young piano interrupting him, "Stop by today and take your music and a pencil and a pad, He will draw together. Will teach you to make quick strokes and insurance you get used to playing with the curved line and the straight line.
I'll show you how to simplify issues within a single dimension and make you realize the symbolism plastic, with its mysteries abstract. Soon you'll need to master all this, and when you begin to bind Pratical acquired new folders in the works for our consideration agreed to be saved, in addition, you over mostly symbolic prophecies translating drawings to arrive. You know, baby, already near the "end of the end." Arrives and when disputes in wars, plagues, of blindness, the folly, the lure of gold, crime, theft, suicide, the indignity. Death enters the world, chaos is come.
And come is, for the confusion imprisons households, deformed moral facts, elevates pornography, sex chewing, sick minds, unleashes the balance of the Catholic religion. New ideas young people in the priesthood. New concepts, the papacy tremble astray faith, materialism will be in triumph with mediocrity deified. The world will be in the "anti - Christ."
Son: it is almost time of the explosion. Darkness is approaching final fire approaching fires. Is heard as the voice of the cataclysm - water - fire - landslides - Destruction of cities - new lands - new seas - new mountains - dead cities and mud corpses universal finished.
We will give useless proclaim my son, this truth I teach. The towering mediocrity run after materialistic and atheistic impudence and dishonor, therefore hear anything. Nothing anyone will understand! Be blind:.
And at that time - time to time without time - from falling to the astral world convulsed far: interplanetary spacecraft, with smart shippers will try to explain the danger of thermal power core strength, with which man has for future war might world.
Smart shippers will be attacked and not heard, not living beings will believe them and dismiss them as such.
Also the human being, graduating top, will be launched in space travel without ever becoming. See without seeing, without returning return more if, Palparan reality of the stars, navegos astral and quiet.
Later the explosion! Silence will be silence and ... by silence will be three times that.
Well son! I said in a more or less the future of the Earth, for Forjes you a general idea of ​​the work that we do with the strokes promised. Each carried a caption explaining to his foot and as I said and I repeat, once completed, will qualify them consecutively and as always archivaràs encarpetaràs and until the first day of the days in the end. Then they will do well in light, light granted well and good in light and light in good ...
Which was saved!
Received until morning messages dictated by that force transcribed untidy sheets of paper.
Benjamin woke up in the middle of the night after a nightmare and began to write without real awareness of what he was doing. Then he turned off the light and slept. From there he started to write what "he dictated". Many of those leaves broke them by not understanding their content, until he saw that some of these writings, prophecies were fulfilled.
His greatest prophecies production ranging from the 30s to the 50s. They outline what will happen next. With a very low profile, saying he had a mission to accomplish and helped desinteresedamente who needed it. He lived in a garret in Mexico and Tacuarí street in San Telmo. The great comedian was Florencio Parravicini cousin and the mother of his close friend Benjamin.
He served for several years as manager Art Salon Municipal Bank.
Despite coming from a wealthy family swapped their drawings for food and beer at the neighborhood tavern. Even he did with those students whom he taught painting and saw talented. Once said that the angel told him to learn to paint and he did, bought canvases and brushes and began. Later won international awards. His paintings are found in various private collections in Europe and the Belgian royal castle.
When his father dies on his deathbed and after a lifetime of not understanding it says, "My son, you were right about everything you said," and he describes the place was coming in agony, as promptly, Benjamin then paints a picture with that landscape. "
Difficult is to summarize the lives and work of more than 25,000 people, who throughout history have worn the surname surname Parravicini.Este holds for phonetic and grammar several differences through history, much of this is due to displacement of people from their places of origin, and in most cases also by suceción goods and marriages with other families.The surname origins date back to the time of Charlemagne who counted among their ranks to name a famous hero Paravixino . also found the name as part of one of the 10 Champions of the King of France in times of Geoffrey, there emerged another side called Pallavicini, referring to the champions who helped protect the kingdom from elsewhere francia.Por particularly in Italy, this name was always linked to socialites Lombarda located in Genoa, on Lake Como.Los Parravicini had throughout its history a list of famous men both for his business acumen, as well as in the arte.Así same another characteristic of male carriers of this strain, was the "Christian and Catholic faith." In fact there was in this family of noble lineage, several holders of securities as Cardinal, bishop and pope to counselors.
      Always one way or another the Parravicini were linked to the Catholic faith deeply rooted in society Parravicini Patricia Italiana.El first arrived in Argentina that was Emiliano di Jacobo Parravicini Botello man was a member Casanova.éste knight iron crown of the Empire Austro-Hungarian and came to Argentina from Cuba on the ship "Hope". Originally born in Spain, traveled to various places including the United Unidos.Su arrival in Argentina was on the occasion of establishing diplomatic relations with Argentina, member being Plenipotentiary of Austria-Húngaro.Una of the famous stories of his arrival, was that, while Don Juan Manuel de Rosas in the government of Buenos Aires, the newcomer boasted a distinctly cutting fine tableware inglés.Rosas to see did not miss this time, and inquisitive glances made known to the foreign Jacobo their predisposition to bad dishes in Parravicini Emiliano issue.The response was swift and bowing crashing dishes made with all its contents alrededor.Luego of this his words were ... "I apologize for my behavior ...", laughter and general bulk Roses were brought close friendship with Don Emiliano Parravicini.Así surname began on Don Emiliano Argentina and was one of the grandparents Benjamin's mother, Doña Dolores Parravicini Noriega.El Parravicini surname emigrated from his native Italy to Spain, France, England, Austria and even Holanda.Luego of this happened to the United States, Cuba, Argentina and the rest of South America. .
To learn more about Benjamin have to understand its roots and it enters his master padre.Como sabras and Solari's father was a well-known psychiatrist and shared lecture in medical school with men like Ramos Mejia and J.Borda among others . Solari's father was the one who thoroughly study the issue of fixed idea or also called `` The idee fixe.'' He is one of the many disorders of the mind and made an extensive study of the subject with other professionals . This was not the first time that Benjamin was aware of his father's studies and influenced his painting or just painting called `` The fixed idea.'' dated 1942.Y Oil happens to be the same year on 15 his father died December. Said box donated it to a site in the province of Santa Fe province where his grandfather died accidentally Solari Justin Costa on June 1, 1917.
 Speaking of roots and father remember that Solari was born in the province of Corrientes on March 7, 1867 and was deputy for the province and even contributed to the redesign of the shield of his native province doing the drawing on my smo ... . A father (Benjamin's grandfather) was telling `` Tata'' and wrote a book about guarani vocabulary, this book is considered today as understood funadamental within tema.El Argentine coast that was always present in life Benjamin's father despite his life in Buenos Aires and had to stay in the most luxurious currents and new in that momento.Tambien no pictures in Paraguay at the Museum of Fine Arts Parravicini B.Solari that country.
The Dr.De Sanctis was a renowned physician in the province of Santa Fe and friend of the father of Benjamin. As you know the newspaper La Capital is one of the oldest in the country and eventually to Dr.De Sanctis sent to cover the war ... Paraguay.En is happening in a letter sent to Paraguay through daily account his experiences as a doctor and mentioned the work concerning the language Dr.Solari Guarani.Trabajo linguistic de Sanctis himself corroborated in his journey to Paraguay . Firsthand checked the voices Paraguayan Guarani soldiers told him and compared with the voices Guarani spoken in Corrientes, Misiones and Chaco.
Back in 1836, Don was born in Buenos Aires.Su Justin Solari family from certain lineage had to emigrate to what by then was known as the country of the Jesuit missions (Today called Corrientes). Regime of Juan Manuel de Rosas ruled the province of Buenos Aires, in this picture is hardly conducive to different ideas, Justin's family like many others decide to choose exile and Justin Corrientes.Don city over time, grew up in an environment where their own family had already established close contact with local families and married Miss Trinidad nymph Romero.Entre conducted activities in life are the following:
 Current-provincial legislator in 1860
-Director of the Provincial Bank of Corrientes
-Head of the Municipality of Corrientes
Acting Governor of Corrientes in 1890
-Congressman in 1880-1884-1892
Administrator of the Customs in 1910 (Rosario Santa Fe)
Left behind an enormous amount of progress in the Argentine coast and not only that but the father of 11 (eleven) children, here are the copious list in order of birth:
-Carmen Romero Sinforana Solari
Solari-Felix Emilio Romero
-Jose Antonio Solari Romero
-Innocent Solari Justin Romero
-Francisca Solari Casilda Romero
-Benjamin Solari Tomas Romero (Pelon's father)
Solari-Edelmiro Leandro Romero
-Hector Paulino Romero Solari
-James Paul Solari Romero
Solari Bonifacia Elisa Romero
-Jorge Solari Gregorio Romero
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